What is EarlyWorks?

EarlyWorks is a comprehensive outcome-based early childhood education programming system for use within child care centres and other early childhood educational organisations.

The user interface is clean and intuitive, providing coordinators, families and administrators with the ability to enter required information with minimum effort. Detailed program, child, observation, experience and journal reports provide accurate and timely information on child progress and program effectiveness.

Pre-defined standard outcomes based on the “Early Years Learning Framework” and “My Time, Our Place” are included with EarlyWorks but these can be customised to suit your organisation’s specific requirements.

Administrators can view charts and reports containing up-to-date statistics on child observations, ensuring that each child’s progress is monitored on a regular and ongoing basis .

Statistics on staff activity are presented to Administrators in either graphical or tabular format. This information can be used for workload management and staff rostering.

Parents and guardians can view their child’s information securely over the Internet and can contribute comments and feedback at any time.

Context sensitive help is included on each page minimising the need for on-going training and support.

Want a demonstration?

Are you frustrated, stressed or confused about the amount of paperwork required to successfully run your service? Do you want to create detailed programs, observations and family journals that clearly show the way that every child’s learning and development experience has contributed to curriculum outcomes?

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What others say about us

“Streamlined and cuts out the tokenism of programming. Can see the EYLF becoming MUCH more real and applicable to educators.”

“Blown Away! This is an amazing idea and so simple to use!”

“A great programming system that flows beautifully. No opportunity for steps to be missed in the Program Cycle. Our centre will flow more easily, with the program being accessed by all staff for all rooms. Any Educator can record observations for any child within the centre and it immediately records in the child’s file.”

“Creates a real personal approach with families, providing much more opportunity for parent input.”

“Not just another template system! This actually reduces the workload while still creating all the documents that we need to! This system works hard so I don’t have to!”

“I have used every app, program, templates, and plan out there and nothing worked! EarlyWorks actually delivers on reducing paperwork and has made my documentation more professional and far more valuable than ever before”

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