What is EarlyWorks?

EarlyWorks is a comprehensive early childhood programming, documentation, portfolio and CCMS integration system.

EarlyWorks provides a clean and intuitive interface which simplifies and streamlines ALL aspects of childcare management across an entire service (or group of services), including program planning, individual and group observations, educational evaluations, effortless creation of child portfolios and a detailed collaborative Quality Improvement Plan. EarlyWorks’ also offer quality CCMS integration and account management features.

EarlyWorks’ streamlined approach guides Educators to complete observations that include their analysis of learning, progress towards learning outcomes (EYLF, MTOP, QKLG, etc.), plan for future learning as well as clearly showing whether an observation has been a spontaneous or planned learning experience. Learning is captured for each individual child in both group and individual observations.

Managers and educators are provided with a collaboration area for each program, where ideas, feedback and discussions can take place and even provide the catalyst for one of the next programmed experiences, with a visible link of evidence. Individual educators critically reflect on their pedagogy through reflecting on the principles and practices of the EYLF (or alternative framework) and the standards of the NQS, effortlessly contributing to the services QIP.

Administrators can view charts and reports containing real-time statistics on service documentation. The administrator access makes it simple to:

  • Reflect on each educators’ contributions to the services education and care programs, assisting in the overall performance appraisals.
  • Monitor that each child’s current progress, learning and development is being recorded and evaluated on a regular and ongoing basis.
  • Reflect on and review documentation across the service/s. Truly engaging in the critical reflection and evaluation of a truly collaborative curriculum.

Families have real-time access to their child’s information securely over the internet. Allowing families to view, comment and engage at a time that suits their needs.

Optional CCMS integration not only meets Department of Education and Training’s interface requirements, but also allows you to collect fees, claim rebates, email invoices and manage all aspects of your customer accounts.  Features include an integrated payment gateway and accounting system integration.

Want a demonstration?

Are you frustrated, stressed or confused about the amount of administration and paperwork required to successfully run your service? Do you want to create detailed programs, observations and family journals that clearly show the way that every child’s learning and development experience has contributed to curriculum outcomes? Do you want a simple integrated CCMS solution?

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What others say about us

“I have used every app, program, templates, and plan out there and nothing worked! EarlyWorks actually delivers on reducing paperwork and has made my documentation more professional and far more valuable than ever before”

Tania - Early Childhood Centre DirectorHilton, WA

“My staff all agree that early works has helped them to fully understand the planning cycle and feel confident that they are providing a quality program to all children. I couldn’t be happier that I invested in this wonderful product.”

Simone - Early Childhood Centre Owner/DirectorBibra Lake and Fremantle, WA
“I have finally found a computer program that meets all the necessary requirements for Educators. I have never used a program so simple and user friendly. I have tried a number of programming packages and found most of them too complicated or time consuming.”
Margaret - Child Care Service OwnerSuccess, WA
“All the educators love this program. It looks better, it’s easy to get around, it makes our wall display look so much better and the best thing about this it covers every single area needed and the parents can access it and give us feedback – this covers parent input – WE LOVE IT!”
Catriona - Child Care Centre ManagerEast Wanneroo, WA
“We are also getting daily comments on our program from parents which has never happened before. Not only this, but grandparents also have logins which means the whole family is involved with the child’s learning.”
Alison - Child Care Centre ManagerWembley, WA

“Thank you so very much. I really appreciate your willingness to go above and beyond to suit my business needs.”

Sarah - Family Day Care OwnerDown to Earth Family Day Care

“I have tried two other software applications but EarlyWorks is the best. I trust and believe that this will be a lengthy business relationship. I will most definitely refer all my friends to you.”

Peter Khella - Early Childhood Centre Owner/DirectorGardner Farm Childcare
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