What is EarlyWorks?

EarlyWorks is a comprehensive early childhood programming, documentation, portfolio and family communication system.

EarlyWorks provides a clean and intuitive interface which simplifies and streamlines ALL aspects of childcare documentation across an entire service (or group of services), including:

            • All aspects of Programming and Curriculum Planning
            • Observations and Daily Journals
            • Individual and Group Learning Profiles
            • Effortless creation of child portfolios
            • Early Years Learning Framework, My Time, Our Place, Te Whāriki, QKLG, plus any Customised Learning Curriculum
            • Daily communications including sleep/rest, meals and toileting
            • Whole centre documentation monitoring and management
            • Detailed collaborative Quality Improvement Plan
            • CCMS integration features

Pedagogy Plus

EarlyWorks has been designed by industry specialists to support management and educators in delivering high quality early childhood educational documentation whilst being simple to produce and easy to use. Observations, Programs, Journals, Children’s learning portfolios even your services Quality Improvement Plan become almost effortless with EarlyWorks.

Paige Baylis - Manager Education and Practice - Play and Learn Child Care Centres

“EarlyWorks has proven to be a very simple, user friendly and professional product that has taken very little effort to roll out”

Peter Khella - Owner/Director - Gardner Farm Childcare

“I have tried two other software applications but EarlyWorks is the best. I trust and believe that this will be a lengthy business relationship”

Simone O’Brien - Owner/Director - Treasured Tots Child Care Centres

“My Educators cannot believe how much easier EarlyWorks has made their day”

Alison - Wembley - Child Care Centre Manager

“We are getting daily comments on our program from parents which has never happened before”

Want to simplify your day?

Frustrated, stressed or confused?
Buried under admin and paperwork?

We can help you easily create

Detailed programmes/curriculums
Child portfolios
Family Communications
Happy children and parents

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