Who is documentation for?

Who are you documenting for?

When creating documentation who are you speaking to?

Who are we actually documenting this information for?

When documentation is being completed to “meet an R&A requirement” the depth and value of the content is greatly compromised.

Documentation is for:

The child – so that they receive developmentally appropriate catered programs, so that they are able to reflect on their own growth, learning and understandings, to feel valued and supported and so much more.

The Families – to understand their child’s current knowledge and areas of strength, to share in and contribute to their child’s learning journey, as a platform for communication and discussion, etc.

You as an educator – so that you have a clear understanding of the current knowledge, ideas, culture, likes, interests and goals of the children, to establish the best way to move forward in curriculum planning, to assess and develop your own professional development requirements, etc.

Your Colleagues – to gather information to enhance practice, for curriculum development, to establish training and development needs, to promote appropriate learning opportunities, etc.

External support agencies – to assist them to best cater for each child’s needs, to understand the whole child and assist their development in the best possible way, to provide strategies for learning to educators, to communicate with the child and family, etc.

Rating & Assessment – if documentation is completed with the above information kept in mind, the regulatory requirements will already be met.